Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Sweet Baby Granddaughter!

Hey there!

No card yet today...
so I thought I'd share a personal picture with you.

This is my sweet, adorable Granddaughter Olivia.

She is "working" on her Mustang.

My hubby and son come from a long-line of Ford (especially Mustang) lovers, so when we caught Olivia grabbing a wrench and trying to fix her tire, 
we had to take a pic!

Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you have a fun, 
safe 4th of July weekend!


**even though tomorrow is a holiday, 
there will still be a new A.R.T. Challenge 
and we hope you'll play along with us 
(it's a color-combo)!**


Misti said...

Oh, how sweet!!!! Olivia is so cute!

Cheryl said...

How cute! She is going to be so glad that you took this pic when she grows up!

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