Thursday, October 3, 2013

Farewell For Now

Just letting my readers/followers know that I will have to be taking an indefinite hiatus.

I've lost my scrap-room again when our son came back home, and I just don't have the creative space (right now).

Life happens, and we have to go with the flow, right?

I will continue to try to keep up with all of you, and I appreciate everyone's visits and comments here at my Showcase.

If you take anything from my blog, I hope it's awareness of Testicular CancerPLEASE have the men (even as young as 13) in your life Self-Exam...
it could save their life!  
(For more info, please visit the TCAF website).

Sending love, hugs & blessings to all of you!

xoxo~Cheryl (CherCroppin)
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